Order of the Feather Queens Chapter

Queens Chapter was founded September 2002 at Roy Wilkins Recreation Center by Bro. David Jenkins 78‘, Bro. Lee Windley 78‘, and Bro Gary Liggons 78‘. The first line started in 2002 and was dropped in June 2002 due to disciplinary reasons. Four members of that original first line of ten crossed the burning sands in July 2003; Bro. Anthony Jackson, Dorson Boyce, Bobby George and Michal George.

In 2004 Michael Adams and Adam Liggons crossed the burning sands as the second line to cross into Queens Chapter In 2009 the Queens Chapter came back crossing four more brothers know as the” Rebirth Line ”

Bro.Rashaad Washington, Bro Omar Adams, Bro. Robert Smith, and Bro. Richie Dunk. Since then Queens Chapter has successfully crossed over 50 young men into the Order of the Feather Fraternity.

Currently Queens Chapter is located at the Catherine and Count Basie Middle School 72

Please Contact us at Queens@feathermen.org


Bro Rodney Reid
Feather 1978
Bonnet President Queens Chapter
Bro Edward Thomas
Feather 1968
Bonnet VIce President
Queens Chapter
Rashaad Washington F 09 Wakachanza President

Devin Owens F 11 Wakachanza Vice President

Devon Joanas F 15 Gawinki President


Terell  Howard F 17 Gawinki Vice President